STEM HUB Science Fair Working Group Meeting 27


Opened 4.00pm B11 St Mary’s CC


  • Anja van Hooydonk – Teacher of Mathematics & Science St Mary’s Catholic College; Mathematics B Panel Chair Cairns; QAMT President Cairns
  • Tiffany Turnour – Laboratory Technician St Mary’s Catholic College
  • Kurt Shoenhoff – Independent IT/AV and EE contractor; Treasurer of TheMakers.ORG; JCU IT Honours Student.
    Celia Berrell – Science Rhymes; Admin Cairns Neurophysiology;

STEM Fair 16th August
Tiffany supplied a plan and explanation of how the STEM Fair will operate.

HOB has three areas, A, B & C with stalls/presentations with the following:

  1. Area A: CQU; Woree SHS; The Flying Scientist
  2. Area B: The Makers; Peace Lutheran College; Hydro-in service
  3. Area C: She Maps; JCU; Cairns Libraries
    The Sports Complex will have three areas, D, E, F as follows:
  4. Area D: STEM Girls; Gordonvale SHS; Questacon (St Mary’s CC)
  5. Area E: Department of Agriculture & Fisheries; Edge Hill SS; Qld Agriculture Workforce Network
  6. Area F: Robotics (St Mary’s CC); Michael Kateifides Physics Exhibition; Trinity Anglican School.

Tiffany advised everything was on track, however she is waiting to hear back from JCU, Hydro-in Service and QAWN and Stephen Ung.

Action: Kurt offered to make contact with Jason Holdsworth at JCU.

Cairns Regional STEM Website

The website is now fully functional and email address has correct distribution

Action: Tiffany to send out an email with the link to the form for people to fill out in order to have their organisation/project details added to the website.

Meet & Greet

We will arrange another Meet and Greet meeting after the STEM Fair
Action: Kurt to draft a new pitch for this.

Next STEM HUB Meeting

Monday 19th August 4.30pm at B11 St Mary’s Catholic College, Woree

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