STEM HUB Science Fair Working Group Meeting 22


Wednesday 17th April 2019
Opened 2.00pm theMakers, TAFE


  • Kurt Schoenhoff – Independent IT/AV and EE contractor; Treasurer of TheMakers.ORG; JCU IT Honours Student
  • Tiffany Turnour – Laboratory Technician St Mary’s Catholic College
  • Celia Berrell – Science Rhymes; Admin Cairns Neurophysiology

Funding Application

Tiffany advised that she asked Matt for paperwork on grant, but had not received yet.

Matt was unable to attend this week but will hopefully meet with Celia next week to work on the funding acquittal report.

Tiffany rang Rena Singh during the meeting and Rena said she would send her an example acquittal format for Tiffany to pass on.

Then Celia and Matt can use this next week as a guide to preparing the report.

Rena advised that our funding only allows for a small percentage of money to be used for equipment such as resources and materials for activities with ongoing use. However she said it was acceptable to carry over the $1000 which has not yet been spent.

Celia thought more Meet & Greet events would be of value.

This would just require a second report to be handed in at the end of the year to detail its use later. Rena will be contactable in her Inspiring Australia role until 30th May.

Action: Tiffany to pass on Rena’s email about the acquittal format
Action: Matt & Celia to get together next week with acquittal framework to prepare for end of April

2019-2020 Funding Received

We are holding $5,000 from the original grant for carry-on projects into 2019-2020, which we do not need to report on in the current acquittal paperwork.

We have just received a further $5,000 for 2019-2020 STEM Hub projects, plus a further $2,000 for travel expenses for representatives to attend the next 3-day ASPAC conference (STEM Forum) in Brisbane in early September

Action: Tiffany asked if she could be considered for attending the conference this time. Funding Reporting & Finalisation

The report on our first round of funding is due on 30th April.

Next STEM HUB Meeting

Monday 29th April 4.30pm at the Library, St Mary’s CC.

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