STEM HUB Science Fair Working Group Meeting 21


Wednesday 3rd April 2019
Opened 4.30pm St Mary’s CC


  • Anja van Hooydonk – Teacher of Mathematics & Science St Mary’s Catholic College; Mathematics B Panel Chair Cairns; QAMT President Cairns
  • Kurt Schoenhoff – Independent IT/AV and EE contractor; Treasurer of TheMakers.ORG; JCU IT Honours Student
  • Tiffany Turnour – Laboratory Technician St Mary’s Catholic College
  • Celia Berrell – Science Rhymes; Admin Cairns Neurophysiology

Funding Application

Matt has emailed Rena requested an extension on the finalisation of the first round of funding.

Matt was unable to attend our meeting tonight. Attending Committee members decided that in order for us to help Matt, we need access to the correspondence for this project.

We also need to address the next round of funding of a possible $5000 which would be used as follows: $1500 for STEM Fair; $1500 for website/marketing/meetups; $2000 for PDs.

Tiffany has purchased 4 x $99 drones for demonstration and promotion purposes.

There is still approximately $1000 from original funding for which Tiffany proposed we purchase the Makey Makey Classic V1.2 15pack ($1090) for demonstrations and workshops as it is proving very successful. Otherwise we may need to return this funding component.

Action: Tiffany to ask Matt for paperwork on the grant.
Action: Matt to ask Rena to include Anja & Kurt on future correspondence

The Makers PD

This event was postponed to 13th May.
Action: Kurt to finalise a new flyer with less wording to send to Tiffany by Monday 8th April.


Since the previous meeting, feedback was received about the two websites. The Committee decided go with the website draft Kurt took on at as it appeared to be simple, user-friendly and more accessible whilst covering our basic requisites. It was acknowledged that the STEM Fair Committee did not start out as a steering committee for the Website component of this project.

STEM Fair 2019

The event is confirmed for Friday 16th August to coincide with National Science Week with a repeat format at St Mary’s CC. Tiffany has sent out an initial expressions of interest email and received positive responses from Cairns Library, CQU, She Maps, Holloways Beach Environmental Centre, STEM girls, The Makers, Peace Lutheran College, Innisfail SHS, Cairns SHS and Woree SHS. We will keep the 3-session structure. Timing of sessions: 9.30am to 11am; 11.30am to 1pm; 1.30pm to 3pm. Action: Anja, Jason or Kurt please find out about JCU participation (Ben).

Funding Reporting & Finalisation

The report on our first round of funding is due on 30th April.

Next STEM HUB Meeting

Wednesday 17th April 2pm at The Makers, in TAFE complex.

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