STEM HUB Science Fair Working Group Meeting 16


Wednesday 23rd January 2019
Opened 4.30pm St Mary’s CC


  • Anja van Hooydonk – Teacher of Mathematics & Science St Mary’s Catholic College; Mathematics B Panel Chair Cairns; QAMT President Cairns
    Kurt Schoenhoff – Independent IT/AV and EE contractor; Treasurer of TheMakers.ORG; JCU IT Honours Student
  • Stephen Ung – Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships
  • Celia Berrell – Science Rhymes; Admin Cairns Neurophysiology

Re-engaging Industry via “Meet & Greet” invitation

We wish to establish how our STEM Hub can support Industry participants. What’s in it for everyone? So we are having a PERSPECTIVES & PIZZA Meet & Greet event for 5pm Friday 15th February at Dunwoody’s at 317 Sheridan Street with some guest speakers in order to gain better focus on objectives and networking.

Action: Anja to ask Jason if he would do a 5-7 min talk on STEM-relevant aspects of his work.
Action: Tiffany to ask She Flies if they can give a short talk about their Professional Development event booked for Thursday 28th February (we expect this will be fully booked by then, but it is still good to promote). Matt & Kurt will be available to speak at the event about The Makers and their PD event for Thursday 23rd March.

She Flies PD

To be held at St Mary’s Catholic College on Thursday 28th February 4.30-7pm for 30 attendees ($2,255)
To date, 15 people have confirmed their booking plus another pending

Action: Tiffany to contact Lorena to offer remaining slots to relevant teachers. The balance of 30 participants can be filled through interest from Matt & Kurt and others at St Mary’s CC, but we would like to offer externally first.

The Makers PD

To be held at The Makers TAFE on Thursday 21st March (***date and times not recorded at this stage) ($2,800)

Action: Kurt please arrange for a flyer with details.

Additional Sponsorship

Kurt confirmed that we have received a second round of $5000 funding for supporting STEM events.

Positive Mathematics for Indigenous Students is running their second event at Trinity Bay SHS on Friday 8th March and is seeking sponsorship to fund teacher participation.

One of the organisers is Ben Smith. A bronze level sponsorship of $250 was approved.

Action: Stephen will check with Ben Smith that this sponsorship is still available to us. If so, he will arrange for Ben to submit an invoice to Kurt for payment.
Action: Anja will source a relevant teacher recipient to be ticketed to attend the event.

Support Opportunity

Just before the Christmas Break, Kurt & Matt learnt of a JCU STEM Comedy event which was scheduled to take place on Friday 2nd February.

However, they have been unable to connect with the organisers.

If we can get more details of the event in time, we will send an email to our STEM group network and post on the CairnsRegionalSTEM Facebook page.


We need to have ready to launch by Friday 15th February to coincide with the Meet & Greet event.

Next STEM HUB Meeting

The next STEM HUB meeting is Monday 11th February 5pm at S Block, TAFE to finalise preparations for the Meet & Greet event on Friday 15th February.

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