STEM HUB Science Fair Working Group Meeting 15


Wednesday 12th December 2018
Opened 5pm Rattle & Hum


  • Anja van Hooydonk – Teacher of Mathematics & Science St Mary’s Catholic College; Mathematics B Panel Chair Cairns; QAMT President Cairns
  • Kurt Schoenhoff – Treasurer of The Makers; Business Innovation Development Consultant for TAFE
  • Matthew Ritchie – President of The Makers; Business Innovation Development Consultant for TAFE
  • Celia Berrell – Science Rhymes; Admin Cairns Neurophysiology

Our final meeting for 2018 was held at Rattle & Hum on the Esplanade as we were anticipating using this venue for a social STEM gathering in early February.

Unfortunately the meeting area at the rear of the building is no longer available.

We therefore agreed to enquire about cost and availability of Dunwoody’s (Sheridan Street) in the new year. This was the only business discussed.

Re-engaging Industry via “Meet & Greet” invitation

We need to establish how our STEM Hub can support Industry participants. What’s in it for them? We therefore propose a “Meet & Greet” event in February on a Friday pm. Possibly having guest speakers. Its aim is to gain better focus on objectives and networking.

Action: Kurt to contact/price/book Dunwoody’s for meeting room & Pizza for 1st/2nd week in Feb
Action: Ask Jason if he would do a 5-7 min talk on STEM-relevant aspects of his work
Action: Tiffany to ask She Flies if they can give a short talk about the PD they will do at the end of February (we anticipate this will be fully booked but it is still good to promote).
Action: Think of a catchy title for this event so it doesn’t just say “STEM Meet & Greet” please. Celia suggested PERSPECTIVES & PIZZA.
We need to have another meeting in January, before the return of school to finalise the issue above.
Action: Anja & Kurt to announce date, time and location.

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