STEM HUB Science Fair Working Group Meeting 13 interim


Wednesday 14th November 2018 Opened 5pm TAFE S Block


  • Anja van Hooydonk – Teacher of Mathematics & Science St Mary’s Catholic College; Mathematics B Panel Chair Cairns; QAMT President Cairns
  • Stephen Ung – Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships
  • Tiffany Turnour – Laboratory Technician St Mary’s Catholic College
  • Kurt Schoenhoff – Treasurer of The Makers; Business Innovation Development Consultant for TAFE
  • Matthew Ritchie – President of The Makers; Business Innovation Development Consultant for TAFE
  • Michael Kateifides – Physicist
  • Celia Berrell – Science Rhymes; Admin Cairns Neurophysiology

STEM Fair 2019

Anja advised that St Mary’s Catholic College is prepared to host a similar STEM Fair in 2019 as long as it can be held early in Term 3, due to the commencement of HOB renovations late August. Friday 16th August in National Science Week was suggested. We just need to know if Industry involvement can be enlisted for this date.

Action: Matt & Stephen to send out email to industry stalls asking them to register their interest in 16/8/2019 asap*, to ensure there is no conflict of interest

HOB zone A: CQU; Department of Environment & Science; Aviation Australia
HOB zone B: School exhibits, JCU & CSIRO exhibit
HOB zone C: The Makers (Room off the HOB); Questacon (a 2nd Room off the HOB) PRECINCT A: St Mary’s College exhibits
PRECINCT B: Gordonvale SHS; Department of Agriculture & Fisheries

*Schools require dates of 2019 activities before the end of this school year and the main criticism from schools regarding STEM Fair 2018 was that it was “too short notice”.

Cairns Regional STEM funding obligations

Matt will submit a report to Inspiring Australia in due course.

Website development

We have approximately $3500 available to develop the website ( Confirmation has been received for using the flyer design on the website. As per Kurt’s previous directives, we are now ready to implement the static component of the website. At a later stage, we will then develop Stage 2 of the website to incorporate a sign-up facility and events page.

Action: Kurt & Jason to engage appropriate personnel/distribute website tasks to build website.

Professional Development

We need to establish when the Professional Development workshops can be done. Funding was received in March 2018, but it would be more suitable to hold PD sessions in May, (finalised for end of financial year). We need to check with Rena about the deadline for PD sessions
Tiffany recommended a PD session with She Flies (She Maps). They provide 2.5hr workshops for 30 teachers. It was decided that a Thursday or Friday evening session after school (eg 5-9pm) would be more suitable than a Saturday. An evening PD event will need to include catering.
Action: Tiffany will contact She Flies to find a suitable date.
Matt from The Makers & Jason (Dr Holdsoworth) are also happy to provide PD events


Anja called from an official Committee to be elected for the whole Cairns Regional STEM Hub project. It was advised we should start with the original people listed as committee on the original funding application. We had hoped original participants would attend today’s meeting, however they did not.

Action: Matt & Stephen to contact original supporters, provide a brief on the STEM Fair & website developments, thank them for being on the original committee and advise we need to progress our funding obligations and need some leadership to take us forward.
We will ask for responses and attendance for our next meeting Wednesday 28th November 5pm.

Re-engaging Industry via “Meet & Greet” invitation

We need to establish how our STEM Hub can support Industry participants. What’s in it for them? We therefore propose a “Meet & Greet” event in February on a Friday pm. Possibly with a guest speaker. Its aim is to gain better focus on objectives and networking.
Action: Kurt to contact/price/book Rattle & Hum for meeting room & Pizza for 1st/2nd week in February


Lorena Goodall (FNQ Regional STEM Champion) previously offered to talk with Q-site on our behalf.

Action: Lorena please get back to us about this.

World Science Festival Brisbane is on 20th to 24th March 2019. Do we wish to support/attend?

Next STEM HUB Meeting

Wednesday 28th November 5pm at S Block, TAFE.

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