STEM HUB Science Fair Working Group Meeting 10


Wednesday 10th October 2018
Opened 4:30pm


  • Stephen Ung – Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships
  • Anja van Hooydonk – Teacher of Mathematics & Science St Mary’s Catholic College; Mathematics B Panel Chair Cairns; QAMT President Cairns
  • Tiffany Turnour – Laboratory Technician St Mary’s Catholic College
  • Dr Jason Holdsworth – Advance Queensland Community Digital Champion; CSIRO STEM Professional
  • Joe Quinn – Woree SHS
  • Dianne Tahuaroa-Watson – Teacher & STEM projects Peace Lutheran College
  • Celia Berrell – Science Rhymes; Admin Cairns Neurophysiology

STEM Fair site layout

There will be three zones in the HOB and three in the Precinct areas. Tiffany has supplied diagrams for activity allocations:

  • HOB zone A: JCU; CQU; Department of Environment; Aviation Australia
  • HOB zone B: School exhibits & CSIRO exhibit
  • HOB zone C: The Makers (Room off the HOB); Questacon (a 2nd Room off the HOB)
  • PRECINCT A: St Mary’s College exhibits
  • PRECINCT B: Gordonvale SHS; Department of Agriculture & Fisheries
  • PRECINCT C: She Flies

We propose to have a table in the centre of the HOB displaying prizes.

There will be a main prize for each school and Celia has offered 20 Science Rhymes books (for which the team agreed a payment of $50); Tiffany was approved to source STEM prizes within a budget of $1000 – so need to be less than $100 each.

Steven offered a drone (recently purchased by his department for $75) for an event which has since been cancelled.

Action: Celia to provide an invoice for $50 for 20 books
Action: Steven to provide an invoice for $75 for remote drone
Action: Tiffany to source remaining prizes and liaise with Kurt for payment + ask if he has any prize appropriate items at The Makers

It is recommended that prizes are placed under clear wrap on the display table to prevent losses.

Celia’s quiz-sheet will be distributed to schools via email prior to the event and completed sheets photographed or scanned and similarly returned the following week by 8th November. So prizes will not be given until after that.

A school needs a minimum of one correct quiz-sheet answer to be awarded a school prize. Where there are multiple correct answers received, the student who received the Science Rhymes book will be determined via a draw.

Action: Celia to revise quiz sheet to apply info and make suitable for scanning/photographing.

Tiffany needs to purchase tape to go round bollards to section off areas in the Precinct for the event & some power-boards and extension cables. Any unused, can be returned & reimbursed after the event.
Action: Tiffany to purchase necessary items and submit invoice to Kurt for reimbursement.

Tiffany advised that she will co-ordinate St Mary’s Maintenance to set-up trestle tables on the Thursday evening. Anja advised she would only require normal tables for Questacon in the off-shoot room.

Catering: Tiffany advised that 11 students from Gordonvale SHS would be attending all day and asked if we were obliged to provide lunch. It was decided that students would be exempt from any special catering – they would be able to use St Mary’s Tuckshop facilities if they wanted.

However we did need to provide lunch/catering for the adults who will be manning stalls for the 5hrs of events. Anja also suggested we organise a coffee station for exhibitors as well.
Action: Tiffany to source costs for Catering, by a preferred caterer & school tuckshop

Kurt has emailed more Website Mission Objectives and Projects words which were approved for publication by those at the meeting
Action: Kurt please post this information onto the website

Apparently St Mary’s display for a drag race has been removed and will be replaced by Edison

Media & Photo consent: Anja & Jason will be our Media Spokespersons. Inviting TV & Paper presence on the day will be limited to 40mins during the third session where participants are predominantly St Mary’s College students.

This way we will have a clear knowledge of any students for whom there is no photo consent. Holy Spirit will be attending during this session too, so will be asked to remain in one group so they can be excluded from any media coverage.

Action: Anja to check with Alison about media & photos regarding students from Holy Spirit Action: Stephen will send Tiffany a Photo Consent Form example

Certificates of Appreciation:

Anja advised that we will need to provide these for all stall exhibitors.

Cairns Regional STEM Facebook Page is up-and-running as a closed group – currently with 12 members

Jason advised us of a current IT project at JCU: Design Sprint (Lyn Powell) incentivisation request – so we can have the Cairns Regional STEM logo included with this project – to provide a prize for the winning team/best solution. A prize of a double movie pass was approved by the committee. Action: Jason to ask Kurt for double movie pass funds

Next STEM Fair Meeting

is in two weeks, on Wednesday 24th October at 4.30pm at St Mary’s Catholic College Library, 53 Anderson Road, Woree.

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