Friday 15th February 2019 5.00pm
Dunwoody’s, North Cairns

25 participants signed the attendance sheet (see Meet & Greet email list).

Everyone was greeted by Anja Hooydonk and offered a complimentary drink.

Matthew Ritchie from The Makers acted as MC. He opened the gathering by speaking about employment prospects, changes in job appeal and opportunity and identifying the need to re- educate adults/parents to understand STEM is here.

  1. Paul Mead from She Maps gave everyone a participatory thought experiment about visualising a SCIENTIST. This lead to evidence showing that female students are more prone to losing their confidence in science subjects towards the latter part of their school education. Paul gave an outline about the up-coming Professional Development session to be held Thursday 28th February 4.30-7pm at St Mary’s Catholic College, discussing safety, codifying and problem solving and how the PD has valid links with real life situations.
  2. Dr Jason Holdsworthy spoke on entrepreneurship and the importance of having the right opportunities to keeping these skills employed in the North. He explained we are entering the equivalent of Industrial Revolution Mark 4 with people and computers interfacing and concluded that we need to be conversant in coding as a second language.
  3. Matthew Ritchie gave us a rundown on the successes of the STEM Fair held last year
  4. Terri Mulqueen inspired everyone with her enthusiasm about STEM being a part of everyday life and how we need mindsets to overcome the concept that STEM is “too hard”. She emphasised her confidence in the Khan Academy as a learning tool and shared her story of how the Holloways Beach Environmental Education Centre came into being.

We had a break in the programme as the PIZZAS arrived a little earlier than expected.

5. Michael Kateifides entertained us with his many hats and delivered a vision of how lucrative Leadership and Management has become, particularly when STEM qualified.

Matthew Ritchie then closed with a PowerPoint display of the developing STEM Hub website in creation:

Anja Hooydonk invited all present to provide further support and input by attending our next STEM planning meeting on Wednesday 6th March 4.30pm at St Mary’s Catholic College Library.

Close 7pm

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