About Us

About our values


To expand the hub of STEM resource sharing

For any community its level of connections and the communications within those connections determines the strength resilience and ultimate achievements of that community. We strive to help make and maintain these connections with a particular focus on the STEM (STEAM) area.

lend awareness to local STEM issues and achievements

The first step to solving problems or issues is the correct identification and assessment of them, only then can they be resolved. Similarly promoting and spreading awareness of local achievements not only gives kudos to those that make the achieve them it inspires others to pursue such endeavours and cuts down on the “brain drain” out of the area. We are committed to growing this awareness especially within our area.

audit and profile people and programs within our region

Part of any worthy promotion and awareness campaign is satisfying the need for confidence and giving validity to the claims made. By ensuring we promote the real champions and programs with real merit we ensure the best outcomes for the community.

build opportunities for Teacher professional development sessions

Any holistic look at the future will need to involve those that teach, this is especially true in times of rapid growth or change as we are currently seeing. The STEM area has seen an massive growth that does not appear to be slowing down. Any help we can give to those that teach to stay abreast of these changes will show its reward in the future.

support and promote a variety of STEM activities

STEM activities that occur in our region such as National Science week, EcoFiesta, STEM Fair, and more, are a great way to introduce and promote STEM awareness and involvement. By helping connect, facilitate, and promote these types of events we strengthen the local community as a whole.

Objectives of Cairns Regional STEM

We have identified the following key areas and activities to help us achieve our mission. If you believe you can help with any of these areas please ensure you contact us.

  • showcase local STEM businesses
  • encourage educational collaborations
  • promote public awareness
  • inspire students
  • inform all
  • promote the delivery of STEM activities through collaborations between organisations
  • work on growing science engagement
  • promote the values of science, technology, engineering and mathematics
  • include schools, universities, Industry, research institutes, non-profit organisations, libraries, councils, government agencies, local businesses, and co-working spaces